10 things to make your resolution work this year..

So it’s that time of the year again. The first day of the year and most of us would have some resolution or other.

Last year, I talked about how we should not wait for a day to decide upon changing something in our life. However, this is a fact that we still look for a well-defined day from which we start doing things.

So, are you prepared to enter a year where you actually do things you decide? Go through the 10 essential things you need to know in order to do that.

1. The Start doesn’t mean being perfect:

The start is the first step to anything. Do you want to be perfect in everything you do? How many times have you dropped off doing something just cause you couldn’t be perfect in it? Drop this perspective. The first step is being a rookie. Then intermediate, advanced and finally, an expert. That’s how the process always goes. You can almost never mess with this process. Let’s learn this year about starting something and then getting better at it with time.

2. Have long-term and short-term goals:

As much as you need a clear, well-defined aim, you also need perspicuous short-term goals. If I want to score 100/100 on a test, I would first concentrate on getting a 40, then 60, then 80 and so on. You need to know what you need to achieve finally. But you also need to know what you need to do today in order to get to that.

3. Set a deadline for everything:

When you have long-term and short-term goals, it’s as cardinal to have a deadline. It makes you manage time properly. Plus, whenever you’re following a process, you need to know how much time you need to allot in each step according to the time you’ve set for the completion of that process. So, start setting deadlines today.

4. Maintain a journal:

You know your goals, you know the deadline. So basically, you know what to do. And you can write it down somewhere. But what about your progress? Everyone likes to see results! Humans have an inherent urge of impressing themselves. We might not care about showing our progress to others or getting appreciation, but we sure as hell want to impress ourselves. So when we maintain a journal and have a record of what we accomplished and missed to accomplish, chances are way greater that we actually do it.

5. Do not cheat on yourself:

Do not lie to yourself/your journal about doing something. The reason is simple – if you lie once, you most likely will do it often. The second time you lie is always easier than the first time, the third time is easier than the second and so on. So it’s going to increase the chance of bluffing in your diary. Cheating on yourself is the worst thing possible. Not only will it get you nowhere good, you might also turn into an air of despondency when you suddenly wake up from the lies. So if you’ve missed a workout, write in the diary that you did miss it.

6. Be consistent:

This is a word we’ve heard a lot and in fact use in every aspect of life. Continuing doing what you’re doing is a predominant factor in achieving success. Being consistent is something that’s the core of doing anything. Don’t do something for few days and let it go. Do it consistently. Else, you won’t get anything in return to motivate you to try it the next time.

7. Make buddies:

Whether it’s workout or entrance exam preparation or learning something new, doing it with others works better all the time. Yes, it should be the right people. It should be people who listen to you, whom you can listen to so that you both can motivate each other when one of you gets lazy. More importantly, it should be someone who isn’t judgmental about you missing your steps and is also worried about going to the end with you. And you should be the same way to them. It happens so mostly that we back-out from something cause it’s not working or cause we’re too lazy to go on. That’s when your buddy will rescue you and put you back on track.

8. Comeback:

Don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s okay if you missed your workout once or twice. What is more important is to maintain a positive attitude about it and have an effective comeback! This is where most of us go wrong. We try doing something and we take a halt in between. And that halt goes on forever. Instead of fixing it, we get demotivated and think that it is not our cup of tea. If you thought that anytime then know this: Everything is your cup of tea. So, next time you miss a day’s work, buckle up, be over it and comeback like a King!

9. Take help:

You should know not to be hesitant in taking help. No body is omniscient. The things you might take help for may be so basic to someone else that you may feel ashamed of asking about it to anyone. In that case, you can take help of communities and forums online where no question is too basic. Go and find people who are trying to do the same thing you are doing and take help from them. Online, no body knows you to make fun of. More important is the fact that you’re making an effort to know something you do not. How many people do you think actually do that?

10. Love what you do:

You need to stop looking at things as things you must do and start looking at them as things you want to do. You need to enjoy your coding, your workouts, your diet and everything else to be content with what you’re doing. Else, you most likely will stop doing it. So love everything you do and think about the finish line. That should sure as hell motivate you if you want it that bad!

11. Try to make your own way:

Yes there is an eleventh one. This is something that is not essential to be perfect at something. This is a self-actualization need. You want to become better everyday, follow the above 10 steps. But if you want to become better than the best and going further define a new horizon for the best, then find your own way. Learning a new programming language? Try to solve the same problem using multiple logic. Then arrive at the best way possible which you feel! It might seem stupid for a while and it is a slow process but the amount of exercise your brain will do for it and the amount of knowledge and command you get on logic is much higher than solving one problem one way.

What you should ultimately focus on is to make it a better year than the previous one. To make yourself a better person than you were last year. That’s the whole point!

So, these are the things I could find to make this year’s resolutions work. Have more? Drop in as comments.

Thank you for reading. Have a happy and successful 2015!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  1. How can I gain more self-control? I often end up scrolling Quora or Facebook and watch TV-shows when I should be working. Sometimes I start working in the middle of the night when I should just be relaxing.

    First off, you need to ask yourself if you like what you do. Being able to do (productive) and wanting to do something are entirely different stuff. If you don’t like your job, then that’s why the procrastination. If you really like your job and enjo…

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