Or am I?

It’s been 8 months that I have written.

And now that I am writing, can I say I am back to being a writer? Absolutely not.

I want to write. I have wanted to write many times.

But my indolence came in between sometimes, more like every single time.

And I had some very wrong ideas about writing:

I always thought my post should have some real time information or something that inspires, motivates, some facts/figures that people should know. I forgot I just wanted to write. Not to teach. Not to show.

The funniest of all, I thought a post should be around 500 words minimum. 😀

And I guess our fear of a potentially wrong outcome stops us from doing things consistently.

So I hope from this day forth, I write something, anything, on a routine basis. Because I know that I love to write. 🙂



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