Cover – the first impression……

Today I realized one of the most important phrases that we’ve been hearing to, throughout our lives.

“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”

Of course, cover is important, but it needs to be decent only, not glamorous.

This may seem to contradict with another saying:

“First impression is the best impression.”

However in reality, it doesn’t contradict. The person who is accepting an impression left by someone else needs to know when at all it is to judge. So, before creating bad impression about someone else in your mind, just think ‘Is it the right time, the right way?’

Let me tell you something about it….

I went to my sister’s college today. She & I have this habit of introducing all friends or new entrees in the college within the 1st month of the year.

Last year, post summer break, there was this guy she showed me in the pics, whom she praised a lot with respect to confidence and personality as a whole. He, I have no idea why, looked drunk or clumsy in almost all the photos.

And today, when I actually met him, right from the way he shook hands to the end, he proved his awesomeness. And I said to myself “Now that’s majesty!”

Indeed, he is a majestic personality. He has etiquette, excellent communication skills, creative thought content, and to add the cherry on top of the cake – organizational competence as well. Not to forget the examples & plausible explanation to any solution or statement.

I fell in love… not with him but his personality. How can a person be so concise, concrete, complete & yet correct…??

Well I wish I can inculcate some of the ideas I learnt from him…. After all, learning never ends.

Bottom line is that don’t judge a person by the way he/she looks or acts once at far. Give the person one chance to stand in front of you & speak. You’ll get to KNOW many great personalities that way. 🙂

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