“I will support you forever.” This is what my best friend said.

Now, did it happen? Well, if it would’ve, I wouldn’t have been writing about it!

And of course, the question is why it didn’t?

In life, right or wrong is much more important to people than relations. You’re great if you always go for the right thing.

But, does it happen in reality?

A mistake committed by one’s self is under circumstances but the one by his neighbor (friends, colleagues, etc.) is a sure shot known blunder.

What a righteous thing to do!

You know, if you’re a true friend or not, if you’re family or not, if you’re actually a support or not; it all comes into play when I commit a mistake.

Of course, if I do something with the knowledge that it’s a crime, then I should definitely be shot by a gun (well, depends on the intensity of the mistake )

But if I commit something out of order by mistake, my people are only those who support me for whatever it takes.

However, no one can change. The people who value the relations, will continue doing that, those who value the values will go on with that too. Perhaps, a version of Newton’s first law can be applied to them.

Point being, anything can happen.

Today she might be your best friend, tomorrow she might not.

And nothing should let you regret your time.

Support, being on your side, taking your stand are all synonymous actions and are all unreliable.

You definitely would come to know people around you better, but till the situation arises, live your moments.

So when you’re in good terms with someone, try to enjoy as much as possible.

Because, you know:

There’s nothing like forever. It’s Now or Never.”


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