Cobra Kai!

One of my favorite shows – during childhood AND now, is Naruto. It’s about a young, knucklehead ninja, the worst in his class, who wants to one day become the leader of his village. Watching how ninjas could control their chakra – their inner energy, to do things unfathomable by me, I was always amazed – who am I kidding – I’m still amazed. Thus developed my interest to have that discipline to learn an art.

November 2019, I stumbled upon kickboxing and loved it. It made me feel strong, not quite invincible as I had (have) a long way to go. But every single week, I could feel that I became stronger than I was the previous week.

If you’re pondering why a post entitled Cobra Kai has everything about Naruto and kickboxing, just hang on – it is indeed about Cobra Kai, the Netflix show that I am sure many of you have binge-watched by now.

If you’ve not watched Cobra Kai, STOP here. Major Spoilers Ahead! I just finished watching the 3 seasons and am going to talk proudly about the same. I’d humbly recommend you to give it a chance, it’ll be worth your while.

If you don’t care to watch it, go on. The premise is that this series is a spin-off from the Karate Kid movies. The protagonist is Johnny Lawrence, whom the infamous Karate kid, Daniel LaRusso, defeated in the end of the first movie.

After coming to the last episode of Season 3, I realized how a perfect unison had been made – between the former Cobra Kai, now Eagle Fang Karate and Miyagi-Do Karate. The two forces of Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso combine, to fight the common enemy – John Kreese and Cobra-freaking-Kai.

So I spoke to my friend today who asked me who my most unfavorite character was. It was hard to decide. Within a second, there were so many characters floating in my head. Miguel, due to his merciless kick on Robby during the finals? Robby, taking revenge and putting Miguel in a coma? Johnny Lawrence for not being there for his son when he was born or falling back to his bad habits, over and over again? Hawk, aka Eli, for breaking his own friend’s arm? Finally, I settled with Tory. There was something unsettling about her character. I understood how she had to fight for everything in her life and had to take what was not given to her by fair means. What I fail to understand is how she could hold a grudge with Samantha? She lacked the self-respect considering how much she has been through. Then again, it’s a 17-year old we’re talking about. My answer still remains Tory. My friend’s most unfavorite character is Robby.

What’s interesting is that both my friend and I started off by saying, “Apart from Kreese, my unfavorite character is…”. It just goes to show how important the villain of any story is. Don’t take me wrong, we all would love to life a life without conflict – at least without a conflict to the extent where lives are being risked. However, as we become older and wiser (just added this to not feel bad about the ‘older’ part), we realize the real, true importance of conflict.

My favorite movie of all time – The Dark Knight, with its world renowned villain, Joker, wouldn’t have been such a great movie if it were not for Joker. If he didn’t come up with the most cruel social experiment of pitting civilians and convicts in two ferries against each other, humanity wouldn’t have been put to that test, thereby proving its existence. A parallel can be drawn here, if it weren’t for Kreese, both Lawrence and LaRusso would have remained enemies, without EVER trying to understand where the other person was coming from, and without a drop of a benefit of doubt. With Kreese there, they realized that it was time to fight for something greater than their own selves. That’s how they could even begin to put their differences aside. This united front happened, BECAUSE there was a villain, and a universally hated one at that.

So yes, life would be much more peaceful without all the Jokers (although there can really be only one) and Kreeses. However, the real potential of people is only unleashed when there is an opportunity to do so. I don’t mean to preach for these necessary evils – don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to be a sadist who’ll watch a good and a bad guy roughing it up, just for the sake of seeing a fight. Maybe I’m just trying to see the silver lining in this situation. Conflicts are everywhere. Villains are everywhere. Maybe it is just an opportunity for you to be a hero of everyday life.

Thanks for reading my rambles. Any thoughts? Feel free to comment! 🙂

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