Do not eat/feed while lying down

Once, it happens.

Twice, something’s really wrong!

Yes, it happened twice.

As I paid tribute to many people one being Mr. M.R. Parasuraman, (May he always rest in peace) do you know how it happened?

Cause he was fed food while he was lying down by a stupid, insane woman.

And it happened again.

My friend Disha’s grandpa pretty much faced the same thing.

He is no more. May he rest in peace. Not pretty much details to be given but it is because he was fed something while he was lying down as well.

The two doctors in a gap of around 2 years said that the person was alright but collapsed due to the intake going into lungs.

I hate it but unfortunately I neither could do anything then nor now.

All I can do is to request to not repeat this mistake and enlighten people about things that are not supposed to be done. At least with elder people who are either sick or dependent on you.

It is really not that someone does it with an intention but such things have taken lives and can take more.

Please be careful at every step.

If you are careless or ignorant, better stay out of doing something disastrous!

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One Thought to “Do not eat/feed while lying down”

  1. Ishan

    Thanks for the reminder. I’ll definitely keep that in mind!

    It’s sad that this happened twice. But we can’t do anything about past and stupid people. Best to stay aware!

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