Failure is the first step to success.”

This is what we’ve been getting to listen to, for years now.

But how can one actually take a failure as not a failure is the point of challenge.

So, what do you think?

If you fail somewhere, how big a difference does it make?

Of course when I write this, the first thought that may come in your mind is if I know how big your problem is, that success or failure matters or not.(if may not, then just let me know what came)

Well, here is the fact. Every failure is a failure, may whatever be the case.

Hence there is a risk of losing in everything, starting from a game competition to a job interview or selection.

So, here’s the solution.

Take a competition as a practice

As simple as it sounds, as remedial it is.

Well, it makes two senses. Taking something big as something casual can

1.Make you take it non serious (Not that you will not smile ;)).

2.Increase your confidence by making you comfortable

I, of course, do not refer to the first sense. That is just going to complicate it. Because hard work and concentration are the kinds of seriousness required here, absence of which may just clearly set you out of the way.

Be comfortable, be strong, trust in yourself. Even if you fail more than once or even twice, it is fine. Life does not stop cause if it would have, you wouldn’t have been here reading.

Another important part is that you can learn only when you fail. Once you do mistakes, and most importantly, learn from them, you do not tend to do more mistakes.

The best way to un-complicate a complication is to take it easy (Again, take the right mean folks).

Success and failure are as close as the head and tail of a coin.

Smile and try even when you lose, it’s the best method to learn

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8 Thoughts to “Failure?”

  1. Ishan

    Comfort, in my opinion comes from being strong. If you are strong to handle things, you will be comfortable.

  2. Shakthi Priya

    Indeed 🙂
    And I mentioned the same thing.
    "Be comfortable, be strong" 🙂

    And everything will be awesome, always! 🙂

  3. pari

    dear shakthi priya,

    i feel scared in front of public and competitions, hence i don’t take challenges.
    can u please help me and suggest me what to do…

    thank you

    1. priya


      What I tried to tell in my post is indeed that don’t worry about the result even if it is a failure.
      And when you haven’t even tried, why be afraid?
      Who is the public? The people? Just like us, human beings.

      Under worse circumstances, you may commit mistakes and go upside down, then what? Few gossip and then gone.

      But people who speak, always speak. Whether you sit fearful or you try and fail. Even if you do awesome, they might take it as a show off.
      So why care about such people?
      Do your best. Rock! All the best 🙂

      1. pari

        dear shakthi priya,

        thank you for your advice…

        i ll try to speak in public without thinking TOO much about it..



  4. Avanindra Jha

    dear Priya,
    thank you so much for your valuable thoghts…
    my problem’s that i just need an initiation , i mean once i get going (while speaking infront of a large audience) i start enjoying the moment but…..
    it takes a lot of effort from me to get started… 🙁

    1. Priya

      Dear Avanindra,

      Thank you for reading and responding.
      You know about the flow of things, that is why it is easier to continue speaking once you start it.
      But to actually start speaking, one thing you can try is to just look at people you know sitting in the audience. Maintain eye contact with your friends and start speaking and within few seconds start maintaining eye contact with others too.
      That might be a way to make it a lot better. 🙂 All the best.

      1. Avanindra Jha

        thanx once again:) priya

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