Hostel Life…

It’s crazy!

It’s where you meet someone, complain something about the hostel, exchange minimum 4 sentences and then say a “Buh-bye”. I am not sure how many people wonder “What is the name of the person I just spoke to?”

Sometimes it also happens that you share some regional information. And yet…… no names.

You live across the same floor of someone you meet everyday in the morning. Ask her how much time she’ll take to complete shower and yet no names, no identity revealed or asked for.

But then I think it’s not restricted to hostel life.

In our life, we come across various things, diverse people, that too regularly. And yet, we don’t exchange names.

Funny, isn’t it?  😉

We might go to the same shop everyday to buy groceries or any thing else. And most of us, do we know the name of the shopkeeper?

However, another thought that crosses my mind is that, is name so important?

I guess not. Identity is not defined by your name. Your name is not a primary key, not unique to differentiate you from others. It’s just to address you, call you.

And yet again, it’s not the only way to do so….


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