How to succeed?

Do you desperately want something? Something you know is great. Something you’d love to do anything for?

I am sure most of you must have someday been wanting something so much to sacrifice anything. May be you acquired it. That’s great then.

But if you didn’t, are you losing hope?

Are you failing at every step? Are you giving up too soon?

Remember these 10 things to make sure you succeed when everything looks like going down the road.

1. Love what you are seeking.

The first thing is that you need to convince yourself and your heart. You need to prove to no other freaking person in this world, but yourself that life is going to be much more awesome once you get what you’re running after. The run should be worth it. Everything else comes only if this is there. You can’t run long enough behind a thing unless you yearn for it. And with love, you need to bring the fire inside you.

Whatever you are seeking, you need to have true love, true devotion towards it.

2. Prioritise!

Can you imagine how many things we wish for (dream to have) in our life? Forget life. Let’s take a month. There are a thousand things which you would wish for in this period.

What you need to do is really prioritise and focus into one wish and go about it. Multitasking seems to be efficient but in reality it is not while chasing your dreams. Do one thing at a time. Slowly, you’ll get it all.

3. Don’t keep thinking/dreaming. Wake up & act.

Dream. Dream big. Dream high. But don’t ever be a daydreamer. Dream in the night. Act in the day. For anything to happen, this has to go complementary to each other.

Being cautious is not bad. But don’t overdo it. Because then, you can never be a doer. All you’ll be left is your thoughts.

4. Refuse to believe the myth!

“Successful people do not fail.”

Well, that’s bullshit!

Trust me, many of us think this way. Many of us are groomed with people who have had perfect things in their life. Whose life itself apparently is perfect. But you know, they made it that way.

Success is a consequence of trying hard in spite of multiple failures.

5. Accept that failure is on the way!

Talking about the myth reminds me about failure.

If it is that big, and big for you to achieve, it may be likely that you don’t succeed the first time. So what? Approve the moment. Be thankful that next time you know what can take you down the hill you’re trying so hard to climb.

The list of “What to do” is always smaller than that of “What Not to do”. Similarly the list of “How to Do” something is always much smaller than that of  “How Not to do” the same.

Do you see here? When you fail, you know where you messed up. How you messed up.

You always learn much more while failing than while winning. Always!

So failure is indeed the first step to success. Accept it. And be over the fact that you failed. In stead, preserve the lessons you learnt from it and act upon them.

6. Know how balance works!

You have to lose something to gain something. Yeah it is the same old say. And it is very much applicable.

Whatever you want, just understand that it might not be a cup of tea. Most of the things always come with something to sacrifice. Let it be eating an ice cream, you might have side effects of catching a cold, some people might be worried about body fat, and some lactose intolerance, or anything else.

7. Don’t compare your progress with others.

Whether you are a student, an employee or anything else, there might be people out there who have goals similar to yours. Let’s say your co-worker and you got projects at the same time. And you come to know that he’s done with 50% of it while you are at just 20%.

As long as you are working towards it, do not compare your progress with him. What you are doing, I can guarantee, is different from what he is doing. Or how you both work.

Comparison either gets on your head making you feel superior or it gets to your heart making you feel inferior. So don’t compare at any cost. See where you stood a year back and where you stand right now. That’s all that matters.

8. Make your way.

Do you feel like giving up? Just letting go and settling for the good instead of the Awesome?

My best friend Ishan once told me: “Opportunities do not come to you, you create them”.

And I find it amazing that it is indeed true.

9. Take the road not taken.

This may or may not be required in your case. You see sometimes, you need to think different. Make your own ways instead of the ones made. It might be risky and fearful, but all the world’s greatest achievements have come to existence only by looking over such risks.

To achieve something that no one has, you have to do something that no one has.

10. Don’t lose hope.

This is the MOST important step you need to remember. I put it in the last so that you keep it in your mind forever.

You may be seeking something or you may have something along with the fear of losing it. Whatever happens, listen carefully, no matter what happens, don’t lose hope.

There will be your day if you really work towards it. Don’t get disappointed seeing at others enjoying while you could’ve been there. Just know and try hard. Try hard and you know you’ll be having your day someday. Just don’t lose hope.

Without hope, nothing can come by. And with hope and enough work, you can rock the world!


It’s never too late. If you know what & when to do, you’ll be just where you want to be!


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