I am desperate for an internship…

like I have never been desperate for anything before.

It’s my 3rd Year in engineering & it is mandatory for us to do a summer training or internship program in the summer break.

I know I can go for training anywhere, where I pay, take up some course, learn something theoretical, try making a project, have half or max 75% information about it and then have something “fancy” like a robot or something controlled by GSM phones.

But I did that last year. When it wasn’t needed.

Learning never ends. But I’ve been learning theory & trying to apply something totally opposite to that in the past few years and now I’m bored of this classic classroom program.

So I want to try something new. I want to spend this summer learning indeed. But learning by working, not learning by attending lectures. And I don’t mind ‘no stipend’.

And hence I am desperate for an internship.

I hope I do not become so desperate that I end up in a software internship as opposed to something related to electronics/hardware…

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