I’ve always listened to people saying ‘I don’t care’.

I thought that’s the best way to avoid unnecessary tensions. And it’s in fact true.

But I feel they don’t say the truth.

No one can not care.

We can’t live the world alone(Although some people imagine of that). Other people, those known & unknown to us are inevitable in all circumstances. So we care about what our people and others think.

There are things even the most careless person in the world would care about.

Imagine a guy falling on the road because he was texting using his phone. We’d generally call him ‘careless’. Well, even he cared about texting.

Well, that’s not the exact type of care I’m talking about.

The one in interest is when a colleague of yours says something about you & when you might spontaneously reply ‘I don’t care’.

No offence to you but everyone saying that, cares!

So there is no point about having a certain kind of attitude about not caring about anything.

We even care not to care. If you know what I mean.……

If you care, show it. If you wanna care, do it.

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3 thoughts on “‘I don’t care’

  1. “We even care not to care.”

    🙂 Awesome one!

    That’s true. However, everyone does not care about everything. The falling guy on the road, for example, did not care for walking but texting! We all care, but we ignore certain things or people who either are not worthy of attention or who we can not do anything about.

    It all depends upon perspective. Where you stand, what you see. We care according to that!

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