I graduate…

I remember being disappointed with my twelfth standard board result. I didn’t clear any entrance exam – I just gave IIT JEE and AIEEE. Not clearing those seemed like a big deal back then. I knew where all I went wrong back then, and I swore to rectify it.

That is how my journey in Engineering started. With a determination to do better, to get what I deserve, to work hard, to learn something I like, to make my parents happy and proud and finally, to get closer to my dream of becoming a professor one day.

And today, I graduate. I graduate as a Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication. Well, yeah, big deal! There are so many people graduating every year.

However, I graduate with a Certificate of Merit with First Position in First Division. It was presented to me by honorable Union Minister of Home Affairs, Mr. Rajnath Singh. Out of the thousands of students graduating of various schools of Sharda University of academic year right from it’s inception as a university, about 30 were called on the stage. Yes, thirty! And I was among those lucky ones!

Today, when I was given the front seat in the Convocation Hall, all those lectures attended sitting in the front seat proved to be worth it.

When every faculty member congratulated me before and after the event, taking my teachers as important entities in my life proved to be worth it.

When we 30, the Merit List + Gold Medal + Chancellor’s Medal students and our parents were called in the Board Room to meet the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Dean and other board members to congratulate us, studying so hard to maintain my pointer above 9 proved to be worth it.

I was honored to be in that board room today. I have talked to almost all those members in the Management when we wanted them to address some or other issues we were facing. But today, not only we but our parents were asked to voice our opinions, suggestions, and things we like about Sharda University. That moment, I was proud of myself. I could finally give something they want, my college to respect and thank my parents for having a sincere ward.

Well, my feelings are ineffable. I am overwhelmed with joy and the special treatment received today. I hope to make my parents and myself happy & proud in the years to come.

Congratulations, everyone!

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