I’d rather wish to be human!


Not that I have a choice but for the past 4 years or so I’ve always had a kind of weird wish, to become a vampire.

A year following that I had the perfect thing to make me wish it more, the book ‘Twilight’.

And the following books of the series did the same, though I couldn’t get a catch of the fourth one ‘Breaking Dawn’ until last week. And since my exams are on, I couldn’t read more than a chapter.

But last night my sister gave me a surprise with mom & dad. She downloaded ‘Breaking Dawn’ part 1 the movie. And though it was a saturday night which I always spend with family I chose to watch the movie.

And the first half of the movie was boring. For most of the part I couldn’t even feel I was watching a movie with vampires or werewolves.

But the second half, still had something. And the last scene, where Bella converts from a human to a vampire as she was dying : everything was fine except her blood becoming cold…

I should say the picturing of the last scene was something that is expected out of such a movie, of such a story.

When her blood was undergoing that reaction there was a glimpse of everything about her human life- from the time she was a baby through meeting, getting married to Edward and to the last moment till she was dying.

And then I thought, I don’t wanna be cold blooded. I don’t wanna be a monster. I may not wanna live forever. Because then the beauty & essence of life gets over eventually!

Again, not that I have a choice.

Sometimes, we have a choice for making such crazy things come true. They might seem fascinating for a long time, (4 years you see, and I even now wish a bit for it) but they might make you regret you’d have never done them.

Choose what you wish to go for wisely. It may be awesomest or may be the worst nightmare ever from which you may never be able to come out.

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3 Thoughts to “I’d rather wish to be human!”

  1. Ishan


    Becoming a vampire? Now, that is a strange and crazy wish. Good that you are not going to become one. Me and D Square are safe for now! 😉

    1. Priya

      Well if I had a choice before watching last night’s movie, you guys wouldn’t have been spared sir!

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