Internship(s)? Yahoo!

On February 2013, I wrote on how desperate I was for an internship. And how much bored I was of the classic “classroom” program.

As time passed, till May end, when it was high time, I had something in front of me. I signed up for a Competency Creation with Placement Driven Program from a semiconductor industry called Tevatron Technologies. Yes, they were providing a classroom program. But it was not one discipline to be done in 6 weeks. It was a one year contract (still going!) to be a jack of many interrelated domains and a master of one!

And it was related to my love, Electronics!

So while the program was going, I was hungry for more. Yes, I am indeed greedy for knowledge.

So till the middle of July, I was looking for places, government institutions or workplaces to be an intern.

And on 15th July (as the first program got over), I went to 2 places. National Informatics Centre and Sify Technologies.

And by the end of the day, there were 2 internships in my hands.

Now what was special about them was that in NIC, I was the only student researcher. And in Sify, we were only 2 people who were training interns. Exactly the types of environment I was waiting to experience.

So, boo yeah! I have done 3 things this summer. A training, and 2 internships. Wow, what an awesome time it was for me.

The best part about it was that every single discipline I learnt was about Electronics & Communication. I read about existing stuff, and researched on latest technologies.

It was somewhat scary but ecstatic. It was Joyfear!

And so I learnt something. I was hungry for learning in a different fashion. I was hungry for learning more. And I stayed hungry.

I stayed hungry, I stayed foolish just as Steve Jobs, my inspiration when it comes to work, excellence and awesomeness said.

If you really want something, then run behind it. Run behind it till you fail yourself. Till you are in despair. But don’t bring it too soon.

You can achieve anything you want as long as you are determined towards it. You have to work hard to reach that awesome place. But most importantly, you have to believe you will get something. Stay determined and don’t be surprised on getting succeeded.

So remember the one mantra for success:

“Stay hungry, Stay foolish”

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