Is Life always worth living?

The answer is given in the most beautiful and inspirational way.

“Veronika Decides to Die” is the book I am talking about. And the hand behind this, Paulo Coehlo.

A truly motivating writer, I must say.

Dated long back, the book truly lets you think about your Life.

I want to ask a question to everyone around me. Are you truly who you show to be?

And I have a strong feeling of getting a “no” from 99.99% people.

We always have a fear. Fear of showing our true selves. And right or wrong is simply a bull-shit. Many things are right just because it has been the custom and the majority of people follow it.

And what about some things which have never been followed? Just because any action is not adopted by anyone, doesn’t mean it is wrong.

In the book a young girl, named Veronika, decides to die getting bored of the monotony of her life. She took too much extra dozes of sleeping pills and found herself in a mental hospital, told that her heart has got an irreversible damage and she just has at most a week to live.

In the due course, life of 3 other patients gets revealed. They have been called mad, whereas they are not more mad than the ones outside the hospital.

It made me realize once more (of course, I get to hear that from my friends, but this time for true) that I am mad, and everyone in this world is.

And I want to show my madness! May it be over anything.

I don’t want to be afraid of what my friends think, or what anyone around me thinks.

Yes, people matter. But why should I give up living for myself thinking about what others think?

The “so-called” normal people are mad. Yes, you and me. And everyone around us. We are mad behind something or other; mad in love, hatred, sorrow, and much more.

Live the way you want to. If you keep thinking about others, then you’ll regret one day or other.

Don’t be fool enough to hide your madness. Because that’s one of the inevitable parts of you. And digging it in will just lead to out-bursting consequences.


Don’t let others’ definitions live your life, it’s forever and only yours.

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2 Thoughts to “Is Life always worth living?”

  1. Ishan

    Paulo Coehlo is a good novelist. And this book is a good one. However, his recent books are not so good. I almost fell asleep reading his latest one, The Winner Stands Alone.

    And life? It is ours. We chose the way we want to live it. Sadly, most are defined by others. But who cares. The only person who matters in the end is the one himself.

  2. Priya

    I haven’t read his recent works. Infact, this is the only book I’ve read so far. Have 2 in line.

    And of course, lastly when you stand alone, you should’ve been able to satisfy yourself. That’s how you must have LIVED!

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