Is your life most important?

There are primarily two types of people.

One to whom their lives value the most. Even if they love others like anything, I realised there are these people who think no matter what happens, it finally comes to them. It’s their lives that is the most important. And no matter how much others are important, they are happy in the end that they are survivors.

And then there is other. There is always another type! These people are those who sacrifice. Such people are those who go into army. Just think about it, do you think it is the high? For some it is. But for those who succeed, it is the inspiration. The urge to save lives. So those people put others’ life in front of theirs.

Then there are most social workers. Not necessarily by profession but definitely by heart. They live for fulfilling others’ needs. They get pleasure seeing smile on the helpless’ face.

You can’t get all of them? Fine! These people dedicate their lives to those type of things whereas you are in a busy world of your own. Your studies, your business, your career, your health, your life! Now, take a moment and think, are there people who care about others’ life?

They are parents!

Almost 95% of the busy people, capable of pursuing their education using their parents’ money, have the luxury of loving parents who are ready to sacrifice their lives anytime. There are true friends who do it. There are siblings who do it. And for 50% of the people, there is your true love, one person who you chose and who choses you, who adds to the list above.

Yet, there are so many folks who think about their own life when they have loving people, caring people who put those folks first..

So, what about you? Is your life most important? Do you think in the end it’s you who matters?

If you do, is this life worth living?

I know and I believe life is a lovely gift. But that doesn’t mean only your life is. May you be an extrovert or an introvert, you still are a social being. Nothing, not even a nano-inch of something that you use any day is made by you solely. Who am I kidding? Even you are a result of something of two other entities.

No matter how good or bad you are, there is one soul who loves you so much that he/she is ready to give his/her life for you. And if he/she can’t save you, his/her life stops. Trust me, there is that one person at least!

Most probably, it’s your mom. But there may be others.

Of course I am not asking you to stop your life when someone dear to you is gone. But make that person think till his/her last moment that your life is dependent on his/hers. It gives so much more will power, so much that you can’t imagine…

Loving others (not the wrong ones) so much, it is not a liability. If they love you back- they are the right ones- it becomes so good that it becomes an asset.

So yes, live for others while living with them. Try to think it’s not only you who matters in the end. It makes life so much worth it!

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