Ishan Sharma.

In your life, at every stage, there is a person behind everything. Who makes things meaningful for you.

My family made sure I could pursue engineering. That’s a part of my dream. They supported me, letting me stay at home or in hostel and buy any book I want, do anything I want. Thank you for that. Love you. :*

There is one more person who made it meaningful for me. Ishan Sharma. He is my best friend. Thinking how much importance he has in my life, I sometimes sit down wondering, what would my B. Tech life have been if it wasn’t for him. And, well, ceteris paribus, it doesn’t give such a good feeling.

Today, he is going back to Himachal Pradesh. After getting placed in 4 companies, and running a profitable business, he chooses home. He is going to follow his dreams. To achieve greatest things in life. To be a successful and most importantly, a happy person; and I’m happy for him.

I will miss you Ishan. You’re the awesomest person I’ve seen. You’ve been with me through thick and thin. And I promise to do the same.

He is an awesome writer, innovative web developer, creative programmer and such a wonderful person. I’ve been blessed with his company in my life.

Today you’re going. Already en route. I wish you all the success in life. All the best for everything. I hope we stay in touch and meet soon again. Miss you a lot already. 🙁 Love you! 🙂

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