Never cry over small things!


Back after a long time, I am again here with a lesson I learnt.

In life, we are often left with situations where some of us, or many of us feel like crying. It may be tears that would just want to come out anyhow or sorrow in heart that kills us (or that’s what we say!)

No one’s life is perfect because people call something universal as perfection. Here’s the news, nothing can’t be perfect!

If everything goes well in your life, something bad might happen. (don’t blame me for saying so, I am just conveying the truth).

The point being, whatever happens, don’t cry. Unless you feel it’s unstoppable and would hurt you physically if you don’t. You know why? Because nothing in life is as precious as life.

I have just lost my kitten, Minnie. She was 55 days old. Very beautiful, royal and had something or other for us to adore everyday. And of course I cry a lot. It’s been 4 days and I still can’t stop it.

Then I realized something. If I cried for some other reason this much, then I am giving the same value to a situation and a life. And I honestly don’t want to do that. Minnie is of course much more valuable than anything.

And I thought I have been crying for petty things whereas I should be happy for the fact that I am alive and my other dear ones are.

So next time you have any problem such as getting less marks, some office trouble or something huge going on in life, try not crying much.

Because as I said:

Nothing in life is as precious as life itself!

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