New Year Resolution.

Does it ring a bell?

This is the time of the year where the word “resolution” must be ringing all around you. Every second person you see will be saying he has this resolution or that.

Probably you are one amongst those who have a list of “New Year Resolutions!”

Let me tell you one thing. Either you’re doing great at it or, the harsh reality, it won’t work!

Now which category do you belong to?

If you’re great at it, tell me. Why did you wait till this day to change yourself? Isn’t it stupid that you are so resilient and yet you chose a day that others have brought into place..??

And it won’t work if it’s probably the 5th time you are thinking about the same resolution. The same change that you couldn’t bring last time. Or last to last time.

Resolutions are important in life. The sole fact that you are telling yourself that you will do something with determination and confidence, it matters a lot. Believing that you will do something makes most of actually doing it.

But there is one more essential ingredient to success in resolutions.
The start.
If you start to do something and you see the result, it gives motivation. A sort of satisfaction that nothing else can give.

You can see with your own eyes that you’re improving. From being the worst at something, you can become better day by day. And it matters the most to you.

Having said all this, it’s also important to know one important thing.

Resolution shouldn’t wait for a specific day or time.

Either you have the courage and will make it happen the day you think about changing something in your life or it simply won’t work!

So forget a new year resolution that is going to work just 15 days in 365!

That is mere waste of time. In fact, if it doesn’t work, it is going to keep you more occupied when you keep thinking about your failure.

So try to change slowly and effectively. This change is a type of change where you can not go back so easily.

Resolution is all about evolution, not revolution.

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