No one is perfect….

I always come about looking at people saying this about anyone who advices or scolds another person. They say “First look at the dirt you have before asking others to clean theirs”.

For a long time this made sense to me. You can’t accuse someone of doing something wrong if you’re wrong. Right, isn’t it?

Today, however, I thought something different. Look around you. Is there any person, who, according to you, has no dirt whatsoever in anything? Who has never done anything wrong or isn’t doing anything wrong? Right or wrong is relative, for sure; but still, you will know when someone is perfect for sure.

No one is perfect. No one had ever done nothing wrong. And no matter what you say, it’s the reality.

So, if you actually see, does no one have the right of accusing anyone else? And if that happens that you don’t accuse your friends or family, how will they ever know they’re wrong at something. Everyone isn’t introspective, you see!

So, how I see it is that you can scold someone for any wrong that you do not commit. Even if you had done it sometime and you realise your mistake and do not do it now, it’s fine to tell others to not repeat your mistake. It’s fine to tell someone he/she doesn’t wash the plate he eats in if you wash yours. It’s fine to tell someone is short tempered if you’re not.

So if someone gives you an advice, take it. Don’t get offensive. May be that person just cares about you.

And do not hesitate giving advice to others. They take it, fine enough. They call you something wrong, don’t care, no one was, is, will be ever perfect. The more mistakes you realise and rectify, the better person you become. 🙂

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