Over Smart?

Being smart is smart.

But being over-smart can kill you.
And many people forget the first but keep handy the second one.
Taking assignments for instance: I’ve seen everywhere that the assignments the students get in their schools or colleges have a maximum of 10 original copies only, in a mass of 60 or 70.
Rest all is copied.
If you are among the one who makes the assignment on your own, we are on the same track.
Taking others’ assignments as reference is smartness. Fine, you do not actually need to do much work in that.
Blindly copying the assignments, well, “may the eyes be closed or the mind”, quoted by my professor, is over smartness. Because one thing they forget is that teachers can be smart as well. Come on, they have been students too.
And the strictness of the teacher reflects what kind of a student he or she was. Whether copied or let others copy or none!
Another extreme case is when the first page of some anonymous assignment copy is being replaced by a page that has your name. Guess what, as fun as it sounds, as dangerous it is. You may not be caught if lucky, but if it’s not your day, well, you’re gone.
Well, it is not just a matter of assignments and projects. Happens everywhere.
“Try to be smart, but don’t be too excited to be over-smart!”

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