I’ve often wondered what I am going to do with my life. I have goals, both short and long terms.

Sometimes the motivation to work towards the goal comes from pressure, sometimes from within and sometimes it just is not enough. It makes me ponder over the to-do lists but do nothing about it.

I am in my final year of graduation. I just thought if I spent the 3 years here good (in professional & learning terms), I’d say it was and continues to be (hopefully) great.

Apart from learning awesome things about Electronics (which I love the most), I am managing to get a decent GPA, I’ve been the class coordinator, I’ve been one of the popular girls in college, I’ve brought some evident changes to my personality, I’ve learnt a lot of how-to-do things along with what to do, I’ve helped organise technical cum cultural fest of my college and will be doing the same for the technical festival this year, etcetera.

And not to forget about humanity and morale, I’ve also been helpful and considerate whenever it was needed.

So yes, professionally and personally, my years of graduation (3/4th) have been good.

That gives me a bit of motivation but also scares the hell out of me because of raised expectations. Expectations that my family has about this year and about my future, and most dreadful is the expectation that I have out of future-me.

So I’ve often got stuck in my path to reach my goals. Because I think a lot. Try to plan a lot. And being frank, it is not a cup of tea.

In between all this goal-searching phase of my life came something known as reading. I had been a sporadic reader for years now. But I realised something awesome. Reading more and reading often makes things transparent.

How exactly, you might ask.

Just think. You are one of the 7 billion (& counting) people in the world. It is a known fact that every second person has at least one behavioral attribute that you share. So it is very likely that the problems you face about decisions, goals, etc. are faced by at least few thousands out there.

In those, some people write about their problems. Others give solutions.  And there come those people who share them.

So read! Read as much as possible.

And don’t think reading suffices your interest. Reading is a crucial step that initiates your search to eliminate problems encompassing you.

Reading makes you aware and prepares you to do anything in a better fashion. But it doesn’t solely solve the problem.

The next important and difficult task is to act upon what you read. Implement the solutions you think best fit the problem. And solve the dilemma.

Once your mind is oriented towards a single direction, everything becomes better. The path that already is made becomes lucid and new paths are even waiting to be created.

And it is not a word of mouth. It is applicable. I find it much more refreshing after knowing that my dilemmas are shared by someone who is successful today. Someone who shines today also was someday clueless.

And the solution to my problem? Well, I got that by reading.

Edited version of what I read is: Those people who succeed are not those who said ‘yes’ to the best thing, they are those who said ‘no’ to 100 other good things.

And that is what I am going to do. I know I have responsibilities pertaining to the positions I’ve earned in college. I’ll be loyal to the people I am working with and not to the job. But first & foremost comes me.

So yes, I’ll do those things first which best interest me. Then will I give any damn about the rest. Because for an institution people(students) like me come & go. But for me, I will put me before every other thing!

So next time you have multiple projects or multiple commitments lying in front of you, decide, which is in your best interest? What do you want to do the most and what will you regret missing the most? And go about it.

If you’re stuck in some other mess, well, best advice is to read about people and their experiences similar to yours. I am sure you’ll get some idea or motivation to benevolently prune away the problem and kickass!

Read, and most importantly, act!

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