Right or Wrong? / What you want?

You know all of us have to make choices everyday. From very irrelevant to be considered as a choice like choosing what to wear, to huge decisions like applying for a job.

The point is what you choose even for choosing. Whether doing the right thing or doing the thing that makes you feel happy.
Being good, is of course, good. But being happy, well, not everything can do that. And without staying happy, you can never achieve anything completely.
When do you have to do the right thing and when to follow your heart to do something that gives you satisfaction? It’s a tough thing to decide between these two.
Because many a times when you follow your heart and do something wrong, the guilt can kill you.
But that doesn’t mean you stop living for yourself. Yeah you might have heard about this being one of the many lives that we have got and yada yada yada; but hey, who knows?
According to me this is the only life that I have got for certain. I don’t have any idea about anything else. So, I choose to follow my heart.
Not in every case, though. I follow my heart when it doesn’t cause any damage to anyone. However if there was no-one to harm and nothing bad involved, following your heart is equivalent to choosing the right one. And trust me folks, it doesn’t happen so often.
So, do the right thing if you do not lose something valuable and if you feel doing the wrong will hurt someone so hard to recover. Or else throw the it in the dustbin! Hey if you do not live for yourself, then who will?
“Live as if you have to die tomorrow, learn as if you have to live forever”

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3 Thoughts to “Right or Wrong? / What you want?”

  1. Ishan

    Hurting others is often the last thing I care about. Maybe that's why I have left a trail of destruction following my choices.
    But ultimately they have made me happy. And I love to live this way. Others are important, very important. But I do not let them grow on myself. Simple! 🙂

  2. Shakthi Priya

    Not letting anyone grow bigger is certainly a very important tool for self respect but one should keep in mind that if we have not created something, we have no rights to destroy it.

    If we have not given happiness, there is no way we take it from someone. That's no less than Stealing!

  3. Ishan

    And I'm a very good thief! 😉

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