Some days are better than good!

16 July 2016 falls in those days.  

There are those days, when I feel that I’ve lost every friend who I’ve earned. When I feel I’ve failed as a leader. When I feel I won’t be missed. When I feel I’m a passing cloud. Those days are bad. 

And there are a few good days. Everything goes as planned. Perfectly as planned.

But 16 July was much better than good. 

I had to deliver a training as the Vice President Education to 2 divisions of District 41, Toastmasters International.

It was when a lady I respect a lot, told me that I’m very important to her. That I’ll be missed when I leave. That I shouldn’t be let gone. And who made plans for my future, my growth.

It was the day when someone took me to be an experienced district leader, when I’ve just been a club officer for 6 months. 

It was the day when a friend came and spent an entire Saturday listening to my training just cause I’ll be gone soon. 

It was the day when my mentor called me the best trainer ever. 

It was the day when a cute friend couldn’t control her emotions and cried because I’ll be gone soon. 

It was the day when someone who’s my successor told me that I’ll be missed cause it’s too difficult to fit in my shoes. 

It was when almost everyone I met hugged me 3-4 times just cause we couldn’t bid farewell to each other. 

It was the day when I was no longer a leader with responsibilities, and yet I was looked upon. 

It was a day much much better than good. Because it didn’t go perfectly as planned. It was much better than perfect!

Thank you all for blessing me with this day! 

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One Thought to “Some days are better than good!”

  1. Preetansh

    Awesome.. So you did enjoy a lot… And I will miss you a lot. Sorry, couldn’t be there for your last session…

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