Start Today!

It’s a beautiful day. Not because the weather seems pleasant, not because I don’t have any work, not because I got a compliment. It’s a beautiful day because it is today!

Not everyday you get this day. Once today is gone, tomorrow comes. But does it really?

Every single day, we say it’s today. Tomorrow never comes!

So today is when you can do something. Now, on this beautiful day, why would one want to do something?

Because a beautiful start can come along if done on a beautiful day. I don’t say how determinant one can be. But I sure can say how determinant one should be.

Are you lazy? Are you ignorant? Do you want to start going for walks? Do you want to stop eating junk? Do you want to start earning up to your potential? Don’t you want to be better at things? Wouldn’t you rather achieve your goal?

We all want Change. That may be because we all want better things in life. Some of us, in need, and some in greed. But what is the first thing that comes out of our mouth? What is the first that we think?


Tomorrow is the bitch. It is our future which we rely upon. So yes, we, humans rely upon something that is uncertain. When we want to change something about our life, we leave it upon future along with uncertainty. First of all, address why do we do that? What makes us so lazy that we can’t make an effort to get up? To rise?

For some, it may be inherent laziness. But primarily, it’s the fear. The fear of losing. The fear of sacrificing something that seems good now but actually is doing bad to us, in exchange of a fruit that we fear we’ll ever get. That fear makes us start from tomorrow.

But my dear friend, tomorrow never comes!

So, what can be done? To tell the fear to shut the hell up and to say you can do it? What do you possibly need to do?

Just one thing: Start Today!

Today is what we have. We have it everyday. But once a day is gone, it’s gone. Time waits for none. And we all might have experienced this fact someway or other. So yes, live your present. Love it. Endorse it. And work when you know there is time. Work at a time it is ascertain. Do something today. Something is always, always better than nothing. So do a bit. Start from a bit, but start at least.

Get up! Rise! For people who have been successful, they could kick laziness out of their dictionary.

If you really want to be someone, not someone the world knows, not someone anyone else wants, but someone you want to portray as down the line, then move! Start today. For today is the only day you can start. For today is the only day you have for sure!

And today is the key to success of life!

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