The consequence of friendship with opposite sex!

Today, people have become quite judgmental.

Whether they actually do or not, they pretend to know everything and go around telling everyone what they think about two people.

To those open-minded birds, friendship with opposite sex is no different from friendship with the same one. In fact, girls sometimes would love to have guys as friends cause guys don’t **bitch** around. Other girls make them feel insecure. Or they are like competitors in some aspect or other. Same way, guys would like girls as friends cause you can have an actual conversation with a girl. Girls take you seriously.

These are just some conditions. Irrespective of the ratio of people who have the above characteristics, not all have them. Many guys leak your secrets more than other girls ever might do. And some guys are more serious about conversations.

Leaving all that behind, most people have friends of opposite sex because they just click. They work well. Their dynamics match. THAT IS ALL!

There is no expectation of a future love affair. There is no plan of flirting around. There is no intention of “time-pass”. There is just plain friendship.

No matter how stupid you are, how childish you are, you can be yourself in front of your friends. THAT is the beauty of friendship.

Now, that is exactly the kind of thing some people do not understand. Their theory is “a guy and a girl can not be friends”. Sometimes it is true. May be the first guy a girl has befriended, you develop crush for him; and vice-versā. This doesn’t mean you end up in love always. This theory is, by far, one of the most stupidest theories ever.

Now, what happens when people have this judgment – this is where it gets interesting.

People ruin everything!

How do they do this exactly?

They talk about those friends. They make fun of you. They absolutely do everything possible to ruin your relationship.

Now, you can not care. Yes, absolutely right. You can.

The question here is, will your friend not care too?

I have had personal experiences where few very good friends have stepped away from me cause people talked about us. I never cared. I used to laugh with the people making fun. I knew people making fun will ALWAYS, without fail, find something to make fun of!

Yes, I still call them good friends cause it was not their mistake. They just didn’t want to take those comments and it was their choice. I respect my friends and their choices.

I, however still did not care because no offense, I am contended with my life and hence I do not need others’ acceptance of my values. I don’t need others’ opinions to lead my life.

There is one important point in all this. I am a girl. Guys don’t make filthy jokes around me; but they do in front of those guys who have gone away. Who tried to avoid them. So I still don’t blame them at all.

Seriously, you guys out there who make fun of others, stop doing it! For god sakes, grow up! I behave like a child as well. I sometimes cross limits at that but I at least try to rectify it. I apologize. I make sure I don’t do the same mistake again.

You guys ruin others’ friendships, the peace they could have had in their life and what not. STOP DOING IT. Grow up! Live and let others live.

A serious advice to one & all:

Don’t care about what others think of your relationship with someone. You may miss a wonderful friend because of that.

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