The journey of 4 years…

Last day in college.. Last night in hostel.. Oh now I feel I am going to miss this place….

B. Tech life ends today. Well, we’d be coming back to college a couple of times more for something or other, but there will be no classes. I take this moment, sitting on my hostel bed, reminiscing about the times registered in my mind, dedicating it to every single person who made it possible just the way it is.

I have a lot of names on my mind. Every single faculty, every good friend – all of them changed my life a bit; changed me a bit. Though I am mentioning only the dearest and closest now.

The first year: Naive, Stupid, Wrong

The first day at college, the first class by Sonali Bhandari ma’am, the environmental studies faculty where everyone had to give a self introduction and I was scared and excited both. When it was my turn, I talked a bit about me, and tremble of my legs was hardly visible. I was keeping the mic back on the first bench and something crossed me, a feeling of confidence, an urge to talk to everyone, an urge to be listened to and an urge to stand out of the crowd. And I asked them if anybody liked studying things. Not syllabus given by schools; but about science in general. And if everyone did have a hobby totally unrelated to electronics, why did they chose this discipline? And I had some people answering, many cutting me out.

That day I stood up. That was the first time in years that I overcame a fear. It might have looked as an action of stupidity or mere show off to some people but it meant a lot more to me.

The same day I met my favorite teacher, Mrs. Noor-e-Zahra. The classroom was overpopulated and some of us were asked to leave and attend another course  lecture for a day. When I approached her about missing a day’s lecture, she replied with a warm smile “You look like an intelligent girl, you will have no problems in recovering the lecture”. Oh that day, she won my heart. And she had been winning it over and over again with her compassionate nature with every single student she meets.

Our college was under construction, well, is still under construction. However, that time was totally different, there was more than double the space empty or under construction than that occupied by the buildings.

I had a friend from school.. I befriended someone from the first day. And the most famous hangouts were in Sagar Ratna and Bikano. With a group of friends talking about things I didn’t understand 90%. Though it seemed like living in the shadow of someone. I was naive, weak, afraid, nervous and a cry baby. The biggest thing I wanted then was to make my parents happy by scoring well. (I still want to 😛 )

I succeeded. And the year went by becoming teachers’ favorite, the topper of the branch and breaking few relations. But it went by. I survived. 🙂 And the biggest victory – to meet my best friend Ishan Sharma.

The second year: The repent, the recovery

Most of the time went by thinking about the past. Worrying about the future. But I stayed with my friends and still with some like Chintan. And I learnt a lot of new stuff. Looking back, I remember me trying so hard to get ahead. I topped the class and I was expected to top again. No pressure but mere expectations which I wanted to fulfill.

And the year went by soon enough. Or may be I don’t want to remember much about it. Though my bond with Noor ma’am got thicker and thicker. She didn’t teach me then but we were in touch.

She made me branch coordinator for events in the college techno-cultural fest. And that was a “Wow” moment for me because out of all branches, they were only 2 in which the coordinators were in second year, else they were third year ones. And I was among the former.

And at the end of the year she recommended me to the placement council as the placement coordinator of my branch. I still thank her as that is proving to be the best responsibility I ever had the good fortune to have.

The third year: The start of something new

I had to shift to hostel. Got a single occupancy room. I missed home terribly. With it started the late night sleeps, the bad habits but I started becoming a little bit independent.

I had responsibilities. The subjects were most fun. I met brainy faculty members like Mr. Gaurav Bhardwaj, and another favorite added to the list: Mr. Kumar Goodwill. He is my project supervisor and guide for any career related decision now.

I started attending workshops, seminars, etc. And started preparation for further studies and a bit of self improvement. I resumed my reading habit which was long gone before tenth boards. And I felt much better.

The fourth year: The best year of my life

This is the year when I transformed. I grew up. Got a three occupancy hostel room this time.

It all started with a fight. And I was left alone for sometime. It seemed like the worst few months of my life. But in those few months, I discovered something entirely essential – I discovered myself.

I met one of my closest friends right now – Bharat. Sharing common problems on terrace one day. Suddenly, he became a friend from a stranger. And his friends Brijesh and Sanjog came in the package. They are, by far, of the sweetest people I’ve met on Earth. And my closest ones.

Not to remember my hostel room mate Sweta. God knows how but we didn’t take time to open to each other. And we started sharing the scariest secrets without hesitation.

The actual placement coordinator work started in final year. I really worked my ass off for that. And it didn’t matter much until Rashmi ma’am appreciated me time and then. I felt good being known for my sincerity.

In October, there was a trip to Manali, one of the few places I had a crazy wish to visit. I refused to go at first cause of being sad but thanks a ton to my mom! She forced sent me to the best trip of my life. I met new people. Old people but came to know them just then. And everyone and I saw a new side to me. A non-nerdy, non-geeky one. A fun one.

It was adventurous, of course. I played with snow just for the second time in life. I did paragliding that too when I had acrophobia. Add river rafting and zorbing. And walking and trying to get lost in the woods in the morning with Harshit. I thank all other people there: Komal, Kartik, Kartik, Jyotika, Pranav, Khushbu, Mohit and Gaurav.

And then when I came back, I was seen as a new person. I started being more happy, more optimistic. The fight got resolved as well and though nothing went back the way it was, I was happy with the way it became.

Between all this I got to know my other room mate Shikha and her friend Monika; juniors to me and are two sweethearts. Sometimes I feel like I am younger to them and other times we talk as if we are batch-mates. Really, very few people can have this kind of a relationship with someone other than their peers.

Sweta, them and I had crazy times in hostel. Danced in Dandia night for the first time. Our maggi and cooking nights with Shikha being the best cook. Chatting on FB sitting opposite to each other. And a recent one, where Monika and I went out of room, removed footwear and danced our minds off.

Meanwhile, in college, Bharat, Brijesh and Sanjog and I had our crazy times. I got pampered like anything by them. And we had all sorts of fun we could think of.

The best part, Ishan is still sticking to me. 🙂 I didn’t lose my best friend.

Then came my birthday (Yaaaayyyyyyy). Just 9 days back! My family and my friends – all were there. My Grandma is in Chennai and she is the one who I missed, else it was perfect. With my sister giving me a surprise coming from her business trip in Hyderabad just to make sure she doesn’t miss her baby sister’s birthday. And that was the day I could see all those people happy for me, travelling so much just to spend a couple of hours with me to make me happy. I love you all. :*

Finally, at the end of all this all I can see are: I am very confident, cry very less, fight for myself, do not get oppressed by anyone, know how to give answers to rubbish talks, do not let people use me, prioritize well and most importantly, became mature and improved my health and fitness.

So today when I see my college campus – the one we used to talk bad about, whose construction noise used to irritate us – it doesn’t matter anymore. All I can think is: “Oh, I am going to miss this place now.”

Bye faculty, friends and everyone else. Though bidding “goodbye” really lies in our hands. May we all be more and more happy, contented and successful and meet each other someday.

All the best for your lives. May god bless us. Will miss all of you, all of it.

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4 Thoughts to “The journey of 4 years…”

  1. Asim Siddiqui


    I feel that you’ve summed up your engineering life in a very juicy and self-explanatory form. The evolution of you as an unleashed person is very much visible. I pretty much enjoyed reading the story of your graduation.

    Wishing you good luck for your future,
    Asim (2008-2012 : HIT-EE)

    1. Shakthi Priya G

      Thank you so much for your comments bhaiyya. Though this script of about 1500 words is too less for my college life, I focused on most important stuff. I’m glad you enjoyed this. All the best to you too 🙂

  2. Sonali Ma'am

    Nice of gals to remember me and remember your college years so fondly.
    Where is Ishan these days?

    1. Shakthi Priya G

      Thank you ma’am. 🙂

      Ishan is currently working in Himachal Pradesh.

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