The Mantra

Today, I was there in a workshop on “Image Consulting” for women. It was a two-day workshop where women are given consultation on building their personality and image.

When I entered, it felt like Japanese (I don’t know Japanese, just to be clear 😉 ).

Yesterday, they checked and rated us on 3 aspects of a woman’s body – the skin, the hair and the eyes and these aspects were rated on 3 bases – brightness, warmth and tone. They then came up with the colors and the type of clothes that would match us and bring the warmth of our faces out. It was nothing new. Rather, it was a self-discovery. Eventually, they shifted their interest to the body shape. And finally, a fitness trainer came in with few exercises that working women can do which can burn up to 500 calories.

Today, again there were 3 things – style, makeup and diet. And we actually got something useful out of all it.

So, while I had to wait for my turn to come, a thought crossed my mind. Why isn’t there 1 person who is your role model in everything? And if there is a single role model to someone, it’s highly improbable that you can ask that person for guidance in everything. Some of their characteristics are acquired while some they are born with! How can you possibly ask them how to get the latter?

The stylist today, wore awesome clothes. She is 48 but looks like in her early-thirties. The fitness trainer has such a beautiful body with exact proportions. The dietician looked almost perfectly healthy and the makeup specialist worked on her personal makeup so well that she looked flawless!

If I combined all these women into 1 personality, I can still see an intelligible result. The result would be jack of all traits but master of none! Even if you could work with that, that’s not the whole, is it? I need career guidance. I need a psychologist and what not! Yes, everyone may not need all of them. But I do! And I can’t have one answer to so many questions. I can’t have one omniscient guide. Because if there is something called as omniscience, perfection would coexist!

And then it clicked!

There is only ONE mantra. Do something hard to get something good!

C’mon, I knew that!

Yes, you knew that. But what you have to work on is actually doing something about that.

You don’t need to know so many answers. As confusing as it might look, these answers are not different. They are just different VERSIONS of the SAME answer.


You need flawless skin? Start eating fruits. You need to reduce weight? Start exercising and cutting on junk. You need to know what to do to get into an organization? Start knowing and acquiring the skill-set of the job you want. You need to know what to become in life? Explore things and stick to something you love.

This is a miniscule part of the long list of questions, self-doubts and confusions one might have. But while you are at it, you need to know that you can’t just get better at life. You need to be able to handle situations in a better way. Do tasks faster, have more self-confidence, have more determination and you always can get any answer you want in Google.

In today’s scenario, knowing isn’t the tough part. Knowing something and doing something towards it is the actual thing!

So do you want something good in life?

Start doing something hard!


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