The power of 20 minutes!

I have a hobby. Writing. And I have mentioned it to my colleagues that writing is something that I love.

And I realised that I don’t write often in my blog. I maintain a journal. But not here…

Recently I read an article in which it was written how a writer’s writing and his fans make his after life. How a writer’s meaning to live is affected by the people who are inspired by his writing. And an urge ran through me to write again.

I’m very busy now a days. In final year of engineering. Troubled with exams for higher studies, getting a job and studies. So I don’t have time.. Or that is what I used to say whenever I used to think about writing.

But that’s how we have prioritised our interests. It’s never that we don’t have time.

So I decided that I will give myself 20 minutes everyday, (Yes, I checked the clock when I started to think about writing now) and in those 20 minutes I can do anything I want. And here I am, writing.

Suddenly I am no longer busy. Writing here is my priority. Suddenly all my tensions are there yet it seems okay. Because I have a plan. I have a plan of sticking to 20 minutes and 20 minutes only to do what I want.

And all I can say is

It works!

Now one thing you might ask me:

Why 20 minutes?

The answer is very simple. 15 minutes is too less. 25 minutes seems more like half an hour, which seems too much. Stupid, isn’t it?

Nah! It’s practical. 20 minutes sounds reasonable for me. If I am too tired but I have to work and submit a project the next day, I give myself a 20 min nap. And that’s where this came from.

A 15 min nap wasn’t enough for me. And half an hour was more than I could afford. So these 20 min made me fresh.

And this works for this article as well. I’m focused for these 20 minutes and I can get carried away in the time I have given to myself.

So even if you are busy, find your 20 minutes to do the thing you’ve been keeping off. Let it be something you love or something you have to do.

Stay focused those 20 minutes.

And here I go before my time goes off! 🙂

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