One of the most inevitable things in life is it’s end. Everyone has to die. I have no idea why but this is how it’s supposed to be and this is how it is.

“Death is not the end of a life. It’s the start of a new life” – words of my father, Mr. V. Gowri Sankar. He believes in rebirth as the soul never dies but it just gets a new identity, sometimes completely different.

I can’t take death as the beginning of something. It hurts so much. I’ve personally not experienced how it feels to die but it’s hard to see people dead who are dear to me. And I fear more about my own people.

We tend to dream of the impossible and I just wish if I could exchange the souls. Of the good people dead and the bad ones alive.

Or if I could just exchange my soul with those most missed.

It’s too much important to be strong. That’s what everyone say.

My relatives, people known to me, all I love, admire and wish could’ve been alive, RIP.

A tribute to all of you.

Mr. M.R. Parasuraman
Mrs. V. Saraswati
Mr. Mahesh
Mr. Stephen Paul Jobs
Mr. A.V. Ramamurthy
Your ancestors

May all your souls rest in peace. And to every good person who ever existed.

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