What Toastmasters is not!

Over the past few months, Toastmasters International has really taken over my life. Well, I’ve let it. I literally wait for that one day a week to come, speak and most importantly, listen. 

When I joined it, I had the hope of becoming a better communicator and leader. Toastmasters club, as a catalyst in my work reactions. I had all expectations of listening to great speakers talking about the meaningful stuff, the important stuff – feminism, following dreams, etcetera – stuff that educate you, motivate you, inspire you. And no doubt, I did. I could even pull out a couple from my sleeves.

So after completing Competent Communication Module, as I took it as a platform to improve my skills to perform better in the part of life “other” than Toastmasters in itself, I went on to get advanced modules that will improve my interpersonal communication and persuasive speaking skills. 

Now that I look back, God only knows why I chose that. 

This is not it. I want something exciting. Not something else to make me a better person. I want something for a happier life. 

Now that I’ve started going to other clubs, I realise it is actually about fun. You get to talk to people! People who you aren’t going to compare your grades with. People who you don’t need to discuss your cranky boss with. People who know you on stage and would then get to know you off stage. 

And to top it up, it’ll make you more confident and a better speaker. There’s no harm in that! Right? 

Social animals like us, humans, we hate to admit it but we need people. Whether an introvert, a reserved person or a scared one – everyone likes to be listened to!

And this is just the right place for you. People will listen to you and celebrate your small milestone successes. Even if you screwed up. 

“Toastmasters” is NOT a catalyst. It’s not to facilitate awesomeness elsewhere. It is THE thing. 

“Toastmasters” is not a TED talk. We do have many TED speakers. But motivation and serious stuff is not it. I just raised a toast for a speech, and preparing that 2-3 minute talk took me 2-3 hours. That was way more fun that anything else. 

“Toastmasters” is NOT where you only get motivated. It is having fun as much. People are ready to go and spend their weekends on day long events. There must be something alluring!

But again, it’s the way you take it. 

That’s the best part about it. You can speak on what you want, listen to those you like and be friends with who you want. 

Step out and attend a meeting nearby. If you find the right one, trust me, you’ll love it. 

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