Why talking less is important?

Are you among those who believe in this thing…”The more one talks, the more one knows”?

If you are not, congrats, it’s a good news.

But if you are, then c’mon dude, get back, relax and stop thinking this way.

I always wanted to talk more. I thought it would increase the fluency of my speech. I wanted to build my vocabulary that way.

Since I conversed with friends in native language, I always thought I had to do it to make myself better.

“Did I have to do it?”

I had to do something for sure. However, that something is not talking more.

You know what does it end up in?

You blabbering like an idiot. Who can’t shut your mouth.

And it ends up in speaking at wrong times. Wrong things. Inappropriate words. Inappropriate length. And then it becomes a fashion to make simple sentences more compound & more complex.

Sometimes 10 words leave a much bitter impact that 10 sentences.

So, try to talk less. But talk effective.

Take your time. Frame your idea. Support it by examples & all but don’t encircle the same point unless you deliberately want to emphasize on it.

However in competitions & boardroom battles, I’d ask you to speak more & effective….. 😀 ofcourse 😀

But normally, give yourself a break & talk sense.

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